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git and GitHub

Today we are going to talk about GitHub, an open-source version control (using git) and software hosting provider. There are alternatives to GitHub (which is the hosting provider) such as GitLab, BitBucket, and more, but today we will focus on GitHub. This tutorial can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Intro to git (Why is version control important/useful?)


If you are choosing GitHub Desktop or…

Why you should switch your Python package installation method!

Python and Poetry -- Credit: Michelle Duong

Alright I admit this headline is a little click-baity, since technically Poetry uses pip to install packages anyways, regardless, today I want to talk to you about Poetry (the Python kind, not the literature kind), and why you should be using it instead of other systems.

This can be broken down into three major components:

  1. Ease of use

Ease of use

Poetry is super simple to use and install! If you haven’t heard about it before, here is the website. …

A quick tale of my yogic experience.

Photo by Eneko Uruñuelutm

I have worked out a lot over the years. Like, A LOT. For a lot of different reasons. I wrestled from age 4–23 which involves not only daily (or twice a day) high-intensity practices, but additional running to maintain weight and weight-lighting to stay strong. I also ran cross-country and played football from youth through middle school. As I aged I focused more on fitness and more on wrestling. I tried newer fitness and dieting practices including IMF (intermittent fasting), meditation and CrossFit. I do not want to bash on any diet or…

Source: Employee Cycle

When developing a data-driven application there are a few major concerns. All of these revolve around the data itself (since it is the center of the application/project) and how you utilize it. Below is an image of the stages we will go over today. They include, raw data collection, pre-processing, storage, post-processing, and application. The final item we will discuss, once we have a full understanding of the entire data lifecycle, is the Universal Data Model (UDM as I prefer) which is perhaps the most important of all to ensure long-term application success and stability.

Publish Your First Website for Free

Using MDBootstrap and GitHubPages

Do you want to build a website but aren’t sure where to start? Do you know some HTML and CSS but aren’t confident to build a site from scratch? Or maybe you have a site but want to host it for free somewhere. Then this guide is for you!

Setting Up

To get started you are going to need a GitHub (a hosting provider) account and git (a version control software) installed. You will also need a code editor eventually to edit your site code, I recommend VS Code.

Getting Started

Alright now let's get started! Go to your newly…

JS Frameworks and Libraries

Why I was wrong…

I will keep this article short and sweet. I previously wrote about what should be your first programming language comparing Python and JS. I WAS WRONG. I admit it. And here’s why.

Multi-Purpose JS

One of my benefits for Python was its general-purpose nature. Since writing I have been exposed to MANY JS frameworks to change my mind. Using JS alone you can become a front-end developer (obviously), backend developer (using NodeJS, which generally outperforms Python, although FastAPI is changing this), combine these to be a full-stack developer (most common).

The thing is I KNEW all of this…

AI and Humanity

To answer this we must ask what it is to be human.

Did you ever notice how when we talk about or visualize AI (Artificial Intelligence) there is always some human component to it? A brain, a face, a person? This is not a mistake. Our search for AI is the journey to create a partner, another intelligent life-form to share this universe with. Today I want to talk about where this journey has fallen short and why we need to exercise caution in our next steps.


In full disclosure, while I am familiar with many types of machine learning…

Masks together

Today I want to talk about the social impact wearing masks is having on our society.
I specifically want to talk about body language and the role of masks in inhibiting our ability to accurately identify other people’s emotions. In case you didn’t know, social science tells us that over 80% of language is non-verbal meaning facial expressions, body positioning, etc. …


Earlier this year I was offered an entry level position at a large tech company. Around the same time I was offered another job at a small to mid-sized startup. Today I want to examine the three reasons I chose the startup position, how it has been better for me personally, and how it has improved me professionally.

Position Differences

The first thing we need to do is accurately describe the differences in the positions. Starting with similarities. Both positions were in the tech industry. Both positions related to software and data analysis.

Unfortunately, that is where the similarities end. The…

JS v Python… the final showdown

*** EDIT: Read about my new revelations on this topic here. ***

At this point there can be no doubt if you are in the tech world you have heard of both of these popular languages. Maybe if you are just starting out you are wondering what the differences are and which one you should learn. My programming journey started three years ago and I remember searching extensively to find which language I should learn first. I was interesting in data analysis and so my choices were R or Python. I chose Python and…

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